Education, experience and passion rarely meet with such force …  

Dr. James Lenhart - practicing doctor, family physician educator, health policy advocate and writer, now leverages his career in healthcare to promote health as a human necessity, healthcare as a human right. Educated at the University of New Mexico and Brown University, Dr. Lenhart's commitment to lifelong learning recently culminated in a Master's degree in Public Health from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.

His extensive experiences as a family physician in the United States lend uncommon credibility to his suspense filled medical thriller Conversations for Paco, which parks itself directly in the center of our national healthcare debate as a heart-wrenching, pulse-raising account of Paco Sánchez’s mysterious illness that collides with physician indifference, healthcare for profit and the broken U.S. healthcare system.

The Association for Behavioral Sciences and Medical Education selected Dr. Lenhart to deliver the opening keynote address at their 42nd annual symposium “Leadership in Healthcare Education: Recalibrating our Ethical Compass,” October 4-6, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas and in February 2013, the Innova Group engaged him as the primary care consultant to develop the Health System Master Plan for the country of Brunei.

Lenhart’s non-fiction essays target the social determinants of health, health policy and the sociology of healthcare in the United States; he is an outspoken advocate for justice and dignity in healthcare, healthcare reform and healthcare as a human right.

Current major literary works in progress include a non-fiction text THE SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH: An Evidence Based Primer for Healthcare Professionals, a novella Dear Mia and the sequel to his novel Conversations for Paco.

James now cares for the underserved and teaches Family Medicine in Tacoma, Washington. As time permits, he writes from his home overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains in neighboring Gig Harbor. 

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Conversations for Paco - Bold words from one of America's freshest pens


 Dr. Jim's "Healthline Today"

An exposé jam-packed with love, lust, debauchery and greed unfolds when disease collides with healthcare for profit and physician indifference in Conversations for Paco. Inspired by a true account, Conversations for Paco juxtaposes the venerable institutions of medicine against the personal anguish of enigmatic disease as PACO and SARITA SÁNCHEZ battle Paco’s mysterious illness and JUSTIN SUTHERLAND surmounts the unanticipated challenges of medical education. Two parts social criticism, one part medical suspense, it spins a thought provoking, yet spellbinding tale. What happens in the end will haunt you forever and force you to ask, “Can this really be?” Unfortunately, the painful truth is... “Yes.”


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